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Young Minds

Young Minds

The unique dark social campaign approach leveraged to inspire a new and diverse generation of Charity Trustees

Our insight-driven social-first campaign provided the platform for Young Minds to step into the modern era of trusteeship

The Dilemma

Young Minds had a bold initiative to radically transform the makeup of their board of trustees, to reflect a new, diverse generation who talk about mental health in new ways, and to drive recruitment for 4 new positions on their board of trustees. The obstacles presented in this were to find a way to bridge the gap of understanding between young people and a board position that is traditionally associated with people outside of this target audience.

The Disruption

We immediately began speaking to our young, multi-ethnic audience to understand the main barriers presented in signing up to a trustee position for an ambitious charity like Young Minds. We found that whilst over half of young people felt empowered to make a positive difference in this space, only 30% knew what a trustee was, and only 11% felt they would be considered for the role. This crucial insight spearheaded our proposed campaign idea #YOUREMADEFORTHIS - to demystify the concept of a trustee, and to inspire this group to realise that they were already capable trustees, they just might not know it yet.

With this in mind, we produced, shot and executed a hero video that positioned a wide range of segmented audiences Young Minds wanted to target in a variety of daily life scenarios. In doing so, the intended audience were not only able to understand what a trustee is, but see themselves as potential trustees, who are already in training to become one through their own personal stories.

This was purposefully disseminated through a range of direct marketing strategies, including our weekly mailout, a variety of WhatsApp groups and social media platforms to highlight this exciting opportunity.

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The Delivery

96% over performance

Young Minds had set their targets at 30 applicants across the 4 positions on their board of trustees. Following the campaign, they received 59 applications, a 96% over-performance on their primary KPI.

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