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The fly on the wall video observation project that kick-started Unilever Food's new product development

We unravelled a unique West African hot food fusion recipe opportunity with our covert digital observational research.

The Dilemma

As one of the world’s most powerful consumer goods companies, Unilever knows they have a responsibility to showcase the richness and burgeoning diversity of Britain in their talent partnerships and products. At the time, much of their work had been focused on leveraging white, female and London-centric consumer segments. Moving to a more modern feel was a must.

The Disruption

We employed a chunk of our multi-ethnic community to conduct observational digital research in some of their kitchens, utilising our video diary methodology to get a 360 insight into what they’re stacking their shelves and fridges with, and what dinner time food preparation looks, sounds, feels and smells like & also who/what influences cooking choices & the occasions culturally significant food is consumed. 


Beyond this, our interactive Gen-Z polling with more than 4,000 18-24 year olds unpacked the complex world of foodie creators, providing the launchpad for new influencer relationships with talent from ethnic minority backgrounds, helping to shape a richly detailed & diverse landscape of the modern British consumer.

The Delivery

Launching the new product development and new influencer relations strategy processes

  • Unilever began building out the process of execution for a new west African inspired dish

  • Unilever food’s team utilised our consultation on diverse talent relationships to leverage for business futureproofing

New Product Development with a West African Recipe.
Significant growth in diverse talent relationships.

The work we did was not only the launchpad for new influencer relationships with talent from ethnic minority backgrounds, but it was also the springboard for new product development with a popular West African recipe.

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