Why Can't I Get an Appointment



NHS Blood and Transplant came to us in 2019 with a problem that needed urgent attention - a shortage of donors, especially from BAME backgrounds. 

The brief came as part of the NHS's campaign to recruit 250,000 new donors, whilst spreading awareness as to the importance of giving blood.

As always, we began with insight. We ran a series of face-to-face and digital sessions, with the aim of better understanding the barriers to giving. We also wanted to gain more insight on what was motivating existing donors to give.

This was to be the driving force behind our 'Debunked' campaign,

The aim of the campaign? To make co-create lighthearted, comedic content with influencers that would enable us to reach more young people, debunking common myths and misconceptions surrounding giving blood. 

The series started off with a video called “Why I Can’t Get An Appointment” which saw Comedian, Judi Love, deliver our script on why some people struggle to get an appointment, despite the pervasive rhetoric that the NHS is in constant short supply.


Following the production, we created assets ready for all social platforms with a focus on the NHS BT Facebook and Twitter. These assets were also disseminated by Judi Love herself and other influencers with a personal CTAs.

This video on its own is one of our real success stories, inspiring people to book appointments and attend to their first blood donation session. It was seen by over ½ a million people with 514,000 impressions in the first three weeks of release...


To date, the asset is one of the most viewed videos on the NHS Facebook page.


Grime for Grenfell

In June 2017, within just a matter of hours, a fire broke out in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block of flats in West London, causing 72 deaths and a huge amount of distress to those affected. 

With race relations high, class tensions near breaking point and a general sense of dissatisfaction with the authorities, Channel 4 tasked us with a particularly sensitive brief.


We were asked to use our network to run insight with the aim of uncovering attitudes to current coverage and suggestions to improve reporting. 

It soon became evident that the Grenfell community were growing increasingly tired of fake news and tactless, often exploitative coverage. 

What about all the camaraderie and relentless work the community put in on the ground? 

That's when we decided to highlight some of the positive action coming from the frontline. 

Just a few days after the fire, a group of local musicians put on a grime fundraiser, with all proceeds (money, clothes, food and more) going directly to affected families. We visually narrated this story; from concept to execution, producing a full access report on the ‘Grime for Grenfell’ fundraiser event.

The Grime for Grenfell report we produced was watched live by over 1.1 million people on Channel 4 News. No other major broadcaster was present at the event, making the story an exclusive.