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Resarch + Strategy + Content Creation

Resarch + Strategy + Content Creation
The factual entertainment series that slashed the NHS' year on year opt out rate of Black and Asian organ donors by 90%
Resarch + Strategy + Content Creation

The Challenge

The NHS struggled to engage diverse communities in organ donation, facing cultural hesitations and a donor shortage for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups.

The Innovation

Our cultural immersion research sessions uncovered that discussions about death were taboo but best held in familiar settings. In response, we launched 'Cooking Up a Convo With…', a 4-part series where popular influencers from the sub communities of relevance such as the Kabs Family, Adeola Patronne, Big Zuu and Bambi Bains and their loved ones discuss organ donation over cultural dishes.

The Impact

The campaign led to a surge in NHS Organ Donation YouTube subscriptions and a dramatic 90% reduction in opt-outs, marking a significant shift in engagement and awareness.


Want some research done? Some strategic direction? A creative execution? Or maybe you just want to get the convo going. We’re here, so give us a shout.

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