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Content Creation + Distribution

Content Creation + Distribution
The educative content campaign generating half a million views and over 1,000 registrations to the Stem Cell Donation charity.
Content Creation + Distribution

The Challenge

Anthony Nolan faced significant hurdles in engaging ethnic minority groups for stem cell donor registration.

The core obstacle was not resistance but a profound lack of awareness and understanding about the stem cell donation process among Black and South Asian communities.

The Innovation

Initiated with in-depth online community research, we gathered insights from Black & South Asian respondents. Identifying awareness as the key barrier, we creatively integrated discussions about stem cell donation into the popular social reaction show 'Got A Problem.'

This approach facilitated not only immersive conversation but also provided clear guidance on the registration process...

The Impact

Enhanced Engagement & Sign-ups:

This innovative strategy led to an authentic creative refresh, amassing over half a million views. Within just three months, Anthony Nolan saw an unprecedented increase in registrations from ethnic minority groups, totaling 1,051 sign-ups—surpassing the total of the previous year (912).

Cost Efficiency:

Additionally, the campaign significantly reduced the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by over 50% for recruiting individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, marking a milestone in Anthony Nolan's outreach and engagement efforts.


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