Ethnic Minority Communities & the Vaccine Skepticism

With certain communities - Black & South Asian groups in particular more likely to suffer at the hands of public health inequality, than their white counterparts - Curbsights findings highlight the high levels of cynicism that exist amongst ethnic minority groups in the UK.

With public health disparities, being just one of the various area in which Black and Asian groups are at a disadvantage (these groups are overrepresented in child poverty, police arrests, custody deaths & unlawful deportations) are these results symptomatic of a general distrust toward authoritative bodies who are employed to protect and serve the public.

We spoke to over 3,000 young people from multi-ethnic groups in the UK (67% of them from Black or Asian backgrounds) - and the overwhelming majority (82%) said no to the statement ' I will be taking the vaccine as soon as possible'.

A star-filled video urging people from ethnic minority communities to get the Covid vaccine will be shown across the UK's main commercial TV channels later - but much attention ought to be paid as to where such cynicism comes from.

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