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How our family oriented factual entertainment series slashed the NHS' year on year opt out rate of Black and Asian organ donors by 90%

We produced one of 2021’s most simultaneously heart-warming and action inspiring YouTube series’ to encourage organ donor retention amongst ethnic minority groups in Britain

Within a month, the NHS were already seeing subscription growth on their channels & a decline in opt-outs

The Dilemma

The NHS faces a number of obstacles in trying to encourage and convince diverse communities to register as organ donors. Particularly amongst Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, there are a wide range of unique cultural challenges and institutional obstacles. Preliminary research suggested that as well as generational stigma and spiritual beliefs, these groups face significantly longer waiting times due to a lack of suitable and available donors. The NHS organ donation marketing team came to us to help them raise awareness and encourage active registration amongst these populations.

The Disruption

One of the most prominent themes that was discovered from our insight was that for many Black and Asian families, talking about death was seen as taboo - but if conversations of a sensitive nature were to take place, they were best exacted in culturally safe spaces amongst family and/or particularly close friends.


Using our own creative IP, We developed an NHS-tailored 4-part online mini-series called 'Cooking Up a Convo With…’. This brought together influencers and their loved ones to have honest (and at times raw) dialogue about a range of topics, including organ donation, whilst preparing culturally important meals

The Delivery

Increased donor retention and subscription to NHS Organ Donation YouTube channel

  • 90% decrease in the number of year-on-year opt-outs between April and May on the organ donation register

  • +1200% change on the month-on-month subscriber increase on the NHS Organ donation channel.

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