In January 2019, NHS Blood and Transplant briefed Word on the Curb to assist in their campaign to recruit 250,000 new blood donors in the UK. With a shortage of new donors, especially from BAME backgrounds, there is a desperate need to spread awareness of the importance of giving blood. 


We ran a series of face-to-face and digital insight sessions in order to truly understand the reasons behind why people have refrained from giving blood, and the driving factors behind those who have given, whether once or regularly. Following this insight, we created a plan for a campaign which aimed to debunk the common myths and issues behind why people don’t give blood. The Debunked campaign will see recognisable figures delivering important facts, with a comedic tone, across a number of different topics all with the aim of allaying fears or misconceptions and increasing the number of people who sign up to give blood. 


The series started off with a video called “Why I Can’t Get An Appointment” which saw comedian Judi Love, deliver our script on why some people struggle to get an appointment despite the rhetoric that the NHS is in short supply. Following the production, we created assets ready for all social platforms with a focus on the NHS BT Facebook and Twitter. These assets were also disseminated by Judi Love herself and other influencers with a personal affection to the need for more blood donors. 


  • The video was seen by over ½ a million people with 514,000 impressions in the first three weeks of release. 

  • One of the most viewed videos on the NHS Facebook page.

  • Led to real success stories, inspiring people to book appointments and attend to their first blood donation session.