In September 2017, the annual MOBO awards were approaching and there was a need for the team to create content which showcased and teased the events in the lead up to the awards in November. On the event day, due to the tight turnaround in recording and airing time of the event, there was need for creating social ready clips to capitalise on the online conversation. 


Our approach was to provide an always-on production service in the lead up to and on the day of the event. This involved:  

  • Planning and executing shareable content to encourage excitement amongst fans for the award show. 

  • Mobilising a team to effectively capture, create & disseminate social media assets at scale during the live show. 

  • Working at pace and precision on the night to ensure live content was edited & shared at the right time and with the right language to optimise the subsequent TV viewership.


  • We saw a 46% year on year increase in YouTube views on the MOBO channel during the same September - November period. 

  • Executed the 2 hour turnaround time to ensure teaser footage was released on digital before the show aired on TV. 

  • Produced the most viewed video on the MOBO YouTube channel outside of show content.