Research + Insight

 Tap in to our 36,000 + Network 

Our research is firmly grounded in our connection and interaction with our diverse and ever growing community of 18-35 year olds.

We employ qualitative and quantitative methods to engage them - utilising our 36,000 strong network, including our dedicated ethnic minority research panel to understand how they think, feel and behave - before translating the results into digestible and actionable insights.

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The 'What' Phase

What does the landscape look like? We find out everything you need to know about your target audience and present you with a report within 72 hours.


Find out anything you need to know and get closer to our community. Whether you wish to know what matters to them, to what language they use to  what platforms are they on - we've got it all covered and more.


The 'Why' Phase

This is the discovery phase. The research results wet our appetite, but our expert team of data analysts translate the findings into something comprehensible and actionable.

Our authoritative contextual understanding of the nuanced experiences that exist within various ethnic groups allows us to have an unparalleled ability to tell you WHY we found what we found and provide recommendations on action points.

Our polling, surveying, ethnographic interviewing, longitudinal research & focus group insight sessions provide:






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We've devised and instructed communications strategies for some of the biggest organisations in the world.

Our 7 year experience creating communications calendars which invoke an understanding of cultural and social touch points, correct tone of voice, brand messaging, influencer selection and community engagement will enable you to have the truly inclusive and culturally relevant campaigns to reach the consumers you wish to.


Being able to create content that engages your target audience is pivotal.

Our in-house Word on the Curb production team have more than half a decade of experience creating content for the likes of Channel 4 News, The NHS & Nando's, speaking to ethnically diverse audiences via compelling, youthful and innovative content.