Why Can't I Get an Appointment

What Was The Problem?
The NHS have a shortage of blood donors from BAME communities across the UK. They wanted to create a social media video campaign which educated lapsed and potential donors from targeted communities. The aim of the campaign was to increase donor registration and in turn increased blood donations from these communities.
How Did We Curb The Problem?
We ran a series of insight sessions with our community to analyse the reasons surrounding the issues preventing these communities from joining the blood register. Using this insight, we conceptualised a national online video campaign focusing on addressing the barriers to becoming a blood donor.

The video series, ’Debunked’ is a factual entertainment series which helps to normalise the process of donating through education and myth-busting. Understanding the need to remain entertaining whilst educating, we scripted light and humorous videos, the first, delivered by award winning comedienne Judi Love. 

Part of our ‘always on’ strategy was to supplement the series with videos surrounding other key calendar events, such as International Dance Day, allowing the NHS to tap into potential donors through trending moments.

What Did People Say?

Our ‘Why Can’t I Get An Appointment?’ video achieved the highest engagement metrics in NHS native Facebook history.

As a result, the video is now used in SMS communications, sent to the hundreds of people who sign up to the blood register each day, and on the main NHS Give Blood website.

The sentiment from both lapsed and new audiences showcased the impact the videos had on an even wider audience than just the target.