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What was the problem?
SOAS University is at the heart of modern, globalised academic and political discussion, but the marketing of the University doesn't always connect with like-minded prospective students. SOAS were looking for a series striking online visuals to generate interest in the University amongst diverse prospective students. 
How Did We Curb The Problem?
We researched the typical application process journeys for previous A-Level students, aiming to understand the platforms they use to search, and what they search for. It was clear that prospective University students seek authentic insight into life at their future places of study; the types of students who already exist there, what curricular and extra-curricular life looks like and a desire to see people who 'look like me' in the content they find. 
With SOAS wanting to showcase themselves as an institution of excellence, we conceptualised a video series which demonstrated this, whilst meeting the requirements outlined by prospective students. We created 'EyetoEye', a 4-part video debate series which brought together diverse, opinionated SOAS students to debate key and current topics, unearthing similarities and differences amongst a group of students who attend the same University. Understanding SOAS' social media platforms may not reach the 18-21 year-old target group they needed to attract, we hosted the content on our own platforms, directing traffic to the SOAS admissions page. 
What Did People Say?

The purpose of utilising a debate show format, was to encourage conversation and debate during and after the consumption of the video. Each episode sparked conversations in both the comments section of the full video and Twitter, driving audience engagement and click through to SOAS University.