Channel 4

Over the past 4 years, we have been commissioned to produce a number of videos for Channel 4 News across a variety of topics including the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, students suffering from mental health difficulties in University and homelessness.


Our reports, documentaries and monologue productions are targeted at a millennial and gen-z demographic which Channel 4 are continuously trying to recruit and retain.


As always, our approach for every production started with insight. The latest example of our work with Channel 4 was creating a report on the Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy. With an initial brief to document local stories, we soon discovered that people in the community were growing tired of the “fake news” and “misrepresentation of the truth” which a number of large media outlets were being accused of.


Through our extensive network and personal connection with the area, we were able to gain the trust and further insight from people in and around the Latimer Road community. They wanted to hear positive stories and representation of the on-the-ground work ethic which went into the days after the tragedy.


A few days after the fire, a group of local musicians were planning to put on a grime fundraiser, with all proceeds (money, clothes, food and more) going directly to affected families. We visually narrated this story; from concept to execution, we produced a full access report on the ‘Grime for Grenfell’ fundraiser event.


A majority of the productions we do with Channel 4 are multi platform, airing on live TV on the Channel 4 News at 7pm and subsequently disseminated across most of the Channel 4 social media platforms. 


  • The Grime For Grenfell video was watched live and subsequently by over 1.1 million people. 

  • 53% of viewers thought more positively of 4 News’ insight 

  • The story was aired completely exclusively to Channel 4 News and no other major television broadcaster were present at the event.