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Camden Council

Camden Council

The local community forum that inspired the creation of Camden Council's first video podcast media campaign seen by millions

Our research inspired co-created video podcast re-imagined the way Gen-Z Health Communications is undertaken by local council’s.

It also led to the biggest Social media reach Camden Council have had in 2 years...

The Dilemma

With a national campaign well underway to get the nation vaccinated against COVID-19, Camden Council communications team came to us to help them connect with young, local residents who were apathetic to the COVID-19 vaccine, with a particular focus on those from historically marginalised ethnic minority and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The Disruption

Our team of research experts immersed themselves in a 3 week long on-the-ground ethnographic research project in the local Camden area, meeting with residents in the local cultural safe spaces. In doing so, we built essential trust with this community whilst interpreting the plethora of reasons for vaccine hesitancy and the type of creative comms about the vaccine which are digested on a daily basis. We unearthed a clear desire and opportunity for proximity to be built between young Camden residents and medical professionals from similar backgrounds to them (ethnically/socio-economically). 


This was brought to life through a video podcast delivery we created called ‘On The Fence’, where young people posed questions, sent in by the community, to a community-integrated medical professional local to the Camden area, whilst sharing and reflecting on concerns of their own.

The Delivery

kamerum and kevin.jpg

Video podcast receiving viral reach with 3 Million Impressions

Across our targeted insight-led dual-ad campaign. This included social ads across Snapchat, TikTok and Youtube, as well as Out-of-home advertising including billboard advertising, Tottenham Court Road escalator takeover (pictured) and local bus shelter advertising.

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