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Research + Strategy

Research + Strategy
The exclusive global Gen-Z chat network that helped to define & build Adidas' $10bn sportswear category.
Research + Strategy

The Challenge

Adidas faced the formidable challenge of authentically connecting with Gen-Z, a crucial demographic for the future of the sportswear industry. The task was to resonate with the diverse values and expectations of Gen-Z across seven major global cities, requiring Adidas to go beyond mere understanding to establish a genuine relevance. The stakes were high: failing to connect could significantly diminish Adidas’ market relevance.

The Innovation

1. Creation of Gen-Z Network:

Initiated a program with 24 global collaborators, selected through a stringent application process, enabling Adidas to delve deep into the world of Gen-Z.

2. Digital Ethnographic Execution:

Leveraged a bespoke digital ethnography platform and various social channels to interact with collaborators, drawing out vital insights and understanding Gen-Z’s multifaceted culture.

3. Global Gen-Z Handbook Creation:

Compiled a comprehensive digital Gen-Z handbook, detailing the rules of engagement with this demographic, to guide Adidas’ global strategies and initiatives.

The Impact

Strategic Re-direction:

The insights obtained from the Gen-Z network and digital ethnography significantly informed the strategic redirection and relaunch of Adidas’ Sportswear category, specifically targeting Gen-Z consumers.

Brand Resonance:

The creation and application of the Global Gen-Z Handbook enabled Adidas to align its brand actions with the authentic interests and values of Gen-Z, ensuring a deeper, more meaningful connection with this pivotal audience


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