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Research + Content Creation + Distribution

Research + Content Creation + Distribution
The immersive Escape Room gameshow aiming to drive brand love for the brand new NCS programme.
Research + Content Creation + Distribution

The Challenge

National Citizen Service (NCS) faced critical challenges in adapting to post-Covid-19 realities and reduced funding, aiming to remain relevant to the changing needs of England’s 15-17-year-olds. The central issue was transforming NCS’s traditional offerings into digital formats that resonate with contemporary youth, facilitating personal growth and social connectivity in a virtual setting.

The Innovation

Audience Insights:

Utilising qual and quant research methods, insights were gathered from over 400 young individuals, which shaped the conception of an online escape room gameshow that aligns with NCS values.

Creative Conceptualisation:

Developed 'The Big Escape,' an online gameshow infused with NCS’s core values, featuring youth icons like Adeola Patronne, ItsJustNife, and Victor Kunda, enhancing the concept's appeal and relevance.

Social Amplification:

Executed a comprehensive social and digital amplification strategy across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, covering native, organic, and paid distribution to maximise the campaign’s reach and impact.

The Impact

Impressive Reach:
'The Big Escape' campaign achieved 11.1 million impressions across all platforms, marking a significant increase from NCS's previous social and digital campaigns.

Engagement and Brand Love:
Accumulated over 515,000 views, significantly boosting awareness and engagement with the NCS brand, while driving traffic and interaction with the NCS website, highlighting a successful shift towards digital engagement with England's youth


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