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Research + Strategy

Research + Strategy
The strategic playbook unpacking the cultural nuances of Black British audiences as LIONSGATE+ prepared for a Black History Month activation.
Research + Strategy

The Challenge

adam&eveDDB partnered with us to understand the role of Black History Month in the UK and how LIONSGATE+ can authentically show up for Black British audiences all year round, starting with an activation in October 2023.

The Innovation

Using a versatile mixed-method approach, we delved into the significance of Black History Month and Black-led entertainment with Black British audiences, through engaging video diaries and interactive online workshops, which sparked authentic, spontaneous reflections and feedback.

To ground the findings of our research, we complemented qualitative data with quantitative analysis to ensure our insights were robust and representative. By tapping into our weekly omnibus survey data, we gained a comprehensive understanding of nationwide attitudes and experiences surrounding cultural events celebrating Black History Month in the UK.

The Impact

Our work culminated in a visually communicated strategic playbook that provided guidance on how LIONSGATE+ should seek to authentically engage Black British audiences during Black History Month and beyond. These insights were transformative in reshaping their October communications and outreach strategies, ensuring LIONSGATE+ effectively engages Black British audiences with its entertainment offerings all year round, especially during pivotal cultural moments.


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