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Mother London x Adidas

Mother London x Adidas

Our exclusive global Gen-Z chat network that is helping to define & build Adidas' $10bn sportswear category

We set up a closed Gen-Z collaborator communications network in 7 international territories to bring Adidas closer to the Gen-Z consumer,  in order to begin defining how Adidas will succeed in delivering Sportswear to a new generation of consumers.

The Dilemma

Adidas had a long held belief that in order to win in Sportswear, they needed to win with Gen-Z. In an age where gaining the attention and loyalty of the modern consumer is harder than ever, Adidas felt it was time to roll up their sleeves to start building more authentic relationships with young audiences - a task that they needed to undertake in 7 of multiple major global cities: London, Berlin, New York, LA, Shanghai, Beijing & Moscow. The mission was clear, unpack the realities of Gen-Z existence by living alongside them.


The Disruption

In collaboration with Mother London, we decided to activate a cohort of our global community of 18-25 year olds, by creating an exclusive global network to learn from 24 pre-selected collaborators over a 5 week period.


This involved leveraging a bespoke digital ethnography tool to provide our collaborators with tasks and stimulus to respond to in the form of video diaries translated from their native tongue & mood boards for participatory art and photo sharing  - all to understand them better as individuals, as well as their fashion and style influences. 


To keep abreast of globally emerging trends, we utilised territory specific online chats managed by our community administrators & we also hosted various digital workshops to work closely with our Gen-Z community to critique and reshape the direction of Adidas’ sportswear rollout strategies.


The Delivery


  • Creation of Adidas ambassador network of 11-25 year old Brand fanatics set up to fine tune the strategic and creative direction of Adidas’ long term vision

  • Creation of a Gen-Z engagement brand toolkit to support the Adidas Insights & Product Teams

  • 86% of our collaborators said they have a more positive brand perception of Adidas following the research phase

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